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Day 1: APMEN Annual Meeting PPT slides
Day 2: Strengthening Surveillance
Day 3: Sustaining Health Financing PPT slides
Day 4: Harnessing Innovation PPT Slides
Day 5: APLMA Senior Officials Meeting PPT slides
Day 1 Agenda: APMEN Annual Meeting
Day 2 Agenda: Strong Surveillance Systems and Timely Reporting
Day 3 Agenda: Sustaining Health Financing in a time of Crisis
Day 4: Harnessing innovation to accelerate malaria elimination and strengthen health security
Day 5: APLMA Senior Officials’ Meeting Agenda

All Resources

Private Sector Case Studies.pdf
Meds We Can Trust Campaign.pdf
FIND Malaria & Fever Strategy Overview.pdf
APLMA Leaders’ Dashboard 2018.pdf
Malaria Futures for Asia (MalaFA) Report.pdf
2019 Novartis Social Business #Malaria Future Campaign Toolkit.pdf
2019 APMEN Annual Meeting.pdf