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Malaria Week

MALARIA WEEK is a convening of high-level government officials and other national, regional and global stakeholders, to work together for elimination of malaria from Asia and the Pacific by 2030


At the 8th East Asia Summit (EAS) in 2013, the 18 Heads of Government established the Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance (APLMA) to address the challenges of malaria in the region. In 2014, they committed to the goal of an Asia Pacific free of malaria by 2030. Most recently, at the 14th EAS in 2019, Leaders ‘reiterated commitment to the goal of a malaria-free Asia Pacific by 2030 and acknowledged ongoing efforts in the implementation of the Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Elimination Roadmap’. And ‘requested for a 5-year progress report on the progress made in the region towards 2030 to be submitted to the EAS in 2020’.’’

Malaria Week and the annual APLMA Senior Officials’ Meeting

Malaria Week, first convened in 2016 in Bangkok, provides a platform for dialogue and information exchange among national, regional, and global stakeholders to support the Leaders’ commitment to end malaria in Asia and the Pacific by 2030. Malaria Week partners include APLMA, Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN), World Health Organization, Global Fund, and The Roll Back Malaria Partnership, as well as civil society organizations and private sector.

Malaria Week is attended by a wide range of actors, all whom contribute to the regional efforts towards a malaria-free Asia-Pacific. Participants include senior government officials from health, finance, foreign affairs and defense agencies, national malaria program directors, program technical staff, private sector service providers, corporate sector stakeholders, and representatives from civil society organizations, health financing institutions, and development and donor partners.

Malaria Week culminates with the annual APLMA Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM) during which senior government officials from health, finance, foreign affairs, and other key agencies use the APLMA Leaders’ Dashboard to review progress towards and challenges to attaining the 2030 goal. At the 2020 APLMA SOM, senior officials will launch the 5-Year Regional Progress Report to be delivered to the 15th EAS in November 2020.

Malaria Week 2020


Event Hosts

The National Institute of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology (NIMPE) (alternative name: Viện Sốt Rét – Ký Sinh Trùng – Côn Trùng Trung Ương) is the agency within the Ministry of Health charged with leading malaria elimination in Viet Nam.

The Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance (APLMA) is an affiliation of Asian and Pacific Heads of Government, formed to accelerate progress against malaria and to eliminate the disease in the region by 2030.

The Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN) is a network of countries and stakeholders in the Asia Pacific region, that are committed to working towards malaria elimination. The Network acts as a platform to allow collaboration and exchange between regional malaria control programs and a range of international elimination partners from the academic, non-governmental and private sectors, as well as the World Health Organization (WHO).


World Health Organization
The Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis And Malaria
RBM Partnership To End Malaria