Initial approval of APLMA Leaders Dashboard

A critical part of developing the Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Elimination Roadmap was the decision to develop a mechanism to track progress and achievements in malaria control and elimination across the Asia Pacific region.

One key outcome of the Senior Officials Meeting that took place during Malaria Week was the unanimous approval by delegates of the first version of the APLMA Leaders Dashboard as a tool for monitoring and evaluation. This will be used to provide country-by-country information to leaders on malaria elimination progress in the region.

The Dashboard helps to highlight bottlenecks, encourages prompt action, serves as a key advocacy tool to demonstrate progress in the region, and leverages governments’ and partners’ continued support for financing malaria elimination efforts.

The Dashboard offers clear milestones for each of the six priority actions in the Leaders Malaria Elimination Roadmap and is designed to be:

  • Dynamic and forward-looking to reflect near-term agreed actions.
  • Directly linked to the six Roadmap priority actions, the Dashboard tracks key policy issues that will be essential for overall progress to elimination by 2030 or sooner.

Following this approval, work will continue on the draft Dashboard. It is anticipated that the final version shall be presented to leaders at the 2018 East Asia Summit, incorporating all of the feedback and comments received from Malaria Week delegations.